Here’s what every Sacramento resident should understand about earwigs

Published On: February 24th, 2024
Earwigs Removal in sacramento

Ever turned over a rock or piece of wood and spotted a reddish-brown bug with prominent black pincers scurrying away? That’s an earwig. Today, let’s delve into what these insects are and what it signifies when you encounter them indoors in your Sacramento residence.

Earwig Essentials: 5 Facts You Should Grasp

  1. Insect Anatomy: Earwigs are insects characterized by six legs, three body segments, two antennae, and a tough exoskeleton. The prevalent earwig species in our locale is the European earwig, scientifically termed Forficula auricularia.

  2. Harmless Pinchers: European earwigs don’t sting or bite severely; they may give a slight pinch but won’t break the skin or spread diseases.

  3. Dispelling Myths: While it’s a common myth that earwigs crawl into ears to lay eggs or nest in brains, these notions are unfounded.

  4. Feeding Habits: Earwigs can be beneficial as they consume aphids and other garden pests. However, they can also damage seedlings, fruits, and flowers, making them unwelcome in landscaping.

  5. Unpleasant Odor: When squashed, earwigs emit a disagreeable odor.

Insights into Finding Earwigs Indoors

  • Entry Points: Earwigs exploit cracks, gaps, or openings in deteriorating wood to enter homes.

  • Wood Rot: Moist wood attracts earwigs, suggesting potential wood rot issues in your home.

  • Weather Conditions: Unfavorable outdoor conditions, like drought or heavy rain, may drive earwigs indoors.

  • Exterior Lighting: Earwigs are drawn to exterior lights, adding to the attraction of your home.

  • Moisture Levels: Earwigs prefer moist environments, so their presence indoors could indicate humidity issues.

How to Eradicate Earwigs?

  • Moisture Reduction: Maintain gutters, water plants early, and trim trees to minimize shade.

  • Decluttering: Remove piles of debris, leaves, and woodpiles where earwigs hide.

  • Vegetation Management: Trim dense foliage to reduce moisture and shade.

  • Sealing Entry Points: Seal cracks and gaps in your home’s exterior to prevent earwig entry.

  • Traps: Set up traps using tuna cans with oil to capture earwigs; monitor and remove them as needed.

For Comprehensive Control

For effective earwig and pest management, consider our residential pest control services at Zepol Labs Pest Control. Choose a plan tailored to your needs and budget. Contact us today to regain control of earwigs and other pests in and around your Sacramento home, ensuring proactive and reliable pest control solutions.

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